Alcohol & Drugs: Do You Wanna Be High or Lofty?

Nothing quite contributes more to the dissipation of heat and light in individuals and relationships than obsessive thoughts (craving) and compulsive behavior (abuse) of alcohol and other mind-and mood-altering drugs. Since communication begins with me, could we begin a positive dialogue by asking you, dear reader, to talk to yourself and, if you are willing, please ask and answer the following questions (with the help of other suggested blogs) about your thoughts, feelings and behavior.

1.  Do you think getting HIGH on alcohol and/or other mind and mood-altering drugs improves your life and benefits the lives of those you love? If so, how?

2.  Alcohol and drugs are linked to dysfunctional behavior. Not everyone, but many. Have you corrupted relief from the painful narratives of anger, sadness, and fear with the use of alcohol or other drugs? Or would others describe you as a healthy, peaceful soul (your body, mind, and spirit) in an often chaotic, dark, and painful world?

3.  Marriage – from torrid to tepid and back is a difficult process with alcohol and other drugs in the picture. What would the person closest to you think? Are you part of the LOFTY ambition of choosing daily building, invigorating, restoring, and preserving your own  soul? And are you helping arrange and manage nourishment and elimination for the success and survival of the soul of your family and the soul of the community you live in?

4.  It’s OK to argue about substance use. Do you have a commitment and appreciation for mutual influence? Will you use the interaction process through honest argumentation to discover error and accuracy in your substance use so the growth and survival of your relationships will likely be assured?

5.  Communication filters, hidden maps and outcome expectations might sabotage an interaction event for discussing and changing narratives. Because of these it is possible for one person to be in perpetual rebuttal of another person's ideas so that assertive interaction screeches to a halt. Has aggressive or passive behavior that is hazardous to a relationship been chosen instead of the truth about your substance use?

If you answered no to any of questions 2-4 and yes to 1, and/or 5,


Do you wanna be high or lofty?


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